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PIASA Annual Meeting

The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America invites you to its Annual Meeting, which will take place Saturday and Sunday, 13-14 June 2009 in Jersey City, NJ.


The meeting includes 18 concurrent sessions on various topics related to History, Arts and Sciences related to Poland and Polish Americens. A possibly incomplete list of sessions follows:


  • 1989 “Annus Mirabilis”: Poland’s Road to Independence.

  • Poland Reborn, 1919 and Poland and the Outbreak of World War II 1939.

  • Eminent Polish Engineers in America.

  • Prominent Figures in the History of Polish Science.

  • Research on the Polish Experience in America

  • World War II: Polish Children in Exile.

  • An Ancient Grievance: Relations Between Poland and the Teutonic Knights in the Late Middle Ages.

  • Economics, Politics, Society in Poland After 20 Years of Transition.

  • Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Europe and America.

  • Studies in Polish Music and Cinema.

  • Session on Biomedical Science.

  • Kazimierz Wierzynski: On the 40th Anniversary of his Death (1894-1969).

  • The Orchard Lake Schools in its Second Century.

  • Selected Topics on Polish American Studies.

  • World War II: Its Impact on Poland.

  • The Cold War and Its Aftermath in Poland and Eastern Europe.

  • Polish Music and Poetry: Selected Topics.

  • “Helena, The Queen of Emigrants”


Details, registration form and directions can be found in the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America webpage.