Lucjusz Kupferwasser

Born in Poland in 1888, he was expelled from school for taking part in a strike in 1905. Facing arrest, he emigrated in 1910 to the U.S.A. settling at first in Cleveland, Ohio where he joined the Polish National Alliance. After the U.S.A. entered the war, he enlisted in the army and served as an air force mechanic. On the Western Front, Kupferwasser was severely injured in a gas attack. On his return to the U.S.A. he lived in Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, taking an active part in Polish American organizations. He was one of the founders of the National Committee of Americans of Polish Dexscent (KNAPP) and from 1945 was one of its directors. In July, 1943, he was one of the founders of the Pilsudski Institute, and from October 1944 one of its Board members. In 1978 he was nominated an honorary member of the Institute. He was one of the most generous benefactors of the Institute. He died in 1983.

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