Outreach and Awareness: Headquarters for the Institute - “The Campaign for the Future”

As mentioned in the recent bulletin, the Institute is making aggressive moves to ensure our long-term stability while concurrently seeking new permanent headquarters.  Our programs and extensive membership will be better served by a new, vibrant space in which we can dedicate ourselves to our mission and our goals.

Expanding Our Network 

The “Campaign for the Future” will ensure that the Institute’s programs thrive for years to come. In order to accomplish this goal, the Institute seeks to expand its network and introduce our programs/services to new individuals, companies and foundations.  Specifically, over the past 6 weeks, the campaign staff has performed extensive prospect researches and identified over 60 companies and foundations that have commercial and programmatic interests in both the U.S.A. and Poland.  We have subsequently written to these prospects seeking to launch a dialogue and/or secure philanthropic funding for the Institute.  The Development Team is continuing the outreach and cultivation of these and other logical prospects.

The Role You Can Play:

  • You can help the “Campaign for the Future” by either making a financial donation or by making an introduction to a donor, corporation or foundation which may be interested in supporting the organization. Coming soon you will see a dedicated “Campaign for the Future” hub online.
  • Hosting a “campaign briefing” at your office or in your home for a group of 10 or more interested individuals. If you are willing to assist in this way, please be aware that the Institute will send a representative to give a briefing on the Institute and why our Campaign is relevant.
  • Consider volunteering for “Campaign for the Future” by joining the “Campaign Steering Committee”. Committee members volunteer to support the Development Team’s objectives; members assist with mailings, introductions to potential supporters and assist in marketing the Campaign within their own network.

The Institute is a non-profit organization and therefore membership dues and donations are tax deductible.  Please make your check or money order payable to The Pilsudski Institute of America or make a gift online.  If you have any questions about the Campaign please contact the Institute by telephone or email. 

Thank you for your tireless commitment to our mission.

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