Piłsudski Institute Awards 2018

Nagrodzeni Gala 2018Piłsudski Institute Awards were presented on October 12, 2018 at the Consulate General of RP in New York. From the left Jolanta Fabicka, daughter of prof. Wacław Szybalski, Superintendent Alicja Winnicki, dr Hanna Urbankowska daughter of dr Bohdan Urbankowski, prof. Mariusz Wołos and dr Iwona Korga, president of the Institute.

The Józef Piłsudski Institute in America is once again awarding prizes to eminent representatives of science and art. Medals were be handed out at a gala that took place in October in the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland.

The awarding of the Institute Awards is one of the most prestigious Polish events in the United States. It promotes Polish culture, science and business in the United States by recognizing outstanding scientists, artists and social activists.

This year the medals of the Piłsudski Institute will be awarded to the following:

  • Alicja Winnicki, Superintendent of Community School District 14, former principal of PS 34 and teacher at American schools. Alicja Winnicki unites the Polish community and works together with local American politicians. Alicja Winnicki will receive the Marshal Józef Piłsudski Leadership and Achievement Award for outstanding achievements in the field of education and work within the Polish community.
  • Prof. Mariusz Wołos, Polish historian and essayist, professor of humanities, staff member of The Pedagogical University of Kraków (named after the Commission of National Education) and the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Professor Wołos will receive the Wacław Jędrzejewicz History Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of history, especially research regarding the interwar period in Poland.
  • Prof. Wacław Szybalski, outstanding and world-renowned scientist, pioneer of modern biotechnology, and scientific forerunner of several Nobel Prize winners. An intellectual and passionate Polish and Lviv patriot. Professor Szybalski will receive the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of biotechnology and genetics.
  • Dr. Bohdan Urbankowski, Polish poet, essayist, playwright and philosopher. He is the author of over 50 books, dramas, essays and collections of poetry. Outstanding expert on the work and life of Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Dr. Urbankowski will receive the Joseph Conrad Literature Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of literary and journalistic work.

In the past years, the Institute’s medals were awarded to: Barbara Mikulski, US Senator; Zbigniew Gluza, publisher; Dr. Hilary Koprowski, microbiologist; Richard M. Watt, writer; prof. Andrzej Nowak, historian; prof. Timothy Snyder, historian; prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, historian; Henryk Górecki, composer; Rafał Olbiński, graphic artist; Andrzej Pityński, sculptor; Alina Czerniakowska, documentary film director; and Leszek Długosz, poet, actor, composer.

This year’s Institute Awards Gala will be special because of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. It will be graced with a recital by tenor Piotr Buszewski, who will perform a selection of Polish Legion songs, among others. In addition to this, during the Gala, the results of our student summer photo competition will be announced.

The Gala takes place under the honorary patronage of the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Professor Piotr Gliński, PhD.

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