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An evening with Sir Dermot Turing
Poniedziałek 17 Luty 2020, 06:00
Utworzył Iwona Korga
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Please join us for an evening with Sir Dermot Turing, the award-winning and internationally bestselling author presenting his latest book titled: 

 “X,Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken”.

It is the first English account of the work of the Polish code breakers and how instrumental they were in helping decipher the code for Enigma.  Dermot Turing drew on recently declassified archives for his new book X, Y &Z which tells the story of the cooperation between France, Britain and Poland—cover name ‘X, Y & Z’—to break the famous Enigma cipher. The book celebrates the early work of the Polish codebreakers which was essential to the success of Allied codebreaking during WWII. 

Dermot Turing is the acclaimed author of Prof, a biography of his famous uncle, The Story of Computing, and most recently X, Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken. He is also a regular speaker at historical and other events. He began writing in 2014 after a career in law. Dermot worked for the Government Legal Service and then the international law firm Clifford Chance, where he was a partner until 2014. His specialism was financial sector regulation, particularly the problems associated with failed banks, and financial market infrastructure. As well as writing and speaking, Dermot is currently a trustee of Bletchley Park and of the Turing Trust. He is the Bletchley Park Visiting Fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford. He continues his interest in the financial world.

The book “ X, Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken” will be available for purchase.  

The event will be presented in English. 

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York is a partner of the event.

Miejsce 138 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn NY 11222