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The Polish Cavalry - lecture online by Jacek Czarnecki, PhD
Wtorek 16 Luty 2021, 06:30
Utworzył Iwona Korga
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The Pilsudski Institute invites you to a lecture presented online by Jacek Czarnecki, Ph.D: Story of Independence series:
“Horsemen in the Age of Armor: The Polish Cavalry (1918-1939)”


Dr J. Czarnecki discusses how over the years there was much confusion and misinformation about the Polish military during the interwar years, especially the role of its cavalry. Even though in recent years the myth of the Polish cavalry charging German armor has largely been debunked, decades of erroneous repetitions ingrained at least portions of this myth in scholarly publications and the knowledge of the general public. Therefore, despite being seen as an outdated weapon by many, the evolution of the cavalry during the interwar years shows that not only was it able to adapt to modern warfare, but also play a vital and effective role in the Polish military. The same was true of the Polish military, even though industrial capacity and limited capital of the country created tremendous obstacles, it certainly was not outdated with its equipment or thought as many times presented in English historiography.
Dr Jacek Czarnecki has been an Assistant Professor at Kingsborough Community College (CUNY) since 2014. He is also associated with the Pilsudski Institute as Board Member. Dr Czarnecki holds a Doctor of Arts degree (Modern World History) from St. John’s University with concentration in World History and Global Connections.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with The City Council.


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