Archiwum Ukraińskiej Misji Wojskowej w Polsce z okresu lat 1919-1932, które zostało w całości udostepnione online, posiada teraz opisy i tytuły w języku ukraińskim. Ukraińska Misja Wojskowa w Polsce została utworzona w 1919 r. w Warszawie celem koordynowania wysiłku wojennego Ukraińskiej Republiki Ludowej w sojuszu z Rzeczpospolitą. 

Dzięki pracy naszej wolonariuszki, Anny Biesiadeckiej, opisy archiwalne, opisy zawartości teczek i tytuły dokumentów są teraz udostępnione po polsku i po ukraińsku. Same dokumenty są w większości po ukraińsku i częściowo po polsku. Więcej o projekcie na naszej stronie.

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Далі читай по українськи

Wielka_Aukcja2014The auction "Artists for History" will be held on Saturday November 15, 2014 , at the residence of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York (233 Madison Ave.), to benefit the Pilsudski Institute of America and the Polish American Museum in Port Washington. All those interested in art are invited to attend.

Music accompaniment - Grzegorz Furdyna
2 PM -  Pre-auction exhibition
3 PM -  Bidding – led  by  artist and collector Mieczyslaw Mietko Rudek, founder of the Emart Gallery.
5 PM - claiming of purchases and completion of auction formalities.
2 PM to 6 PM - Open bar and  snacks

Artists who support the Pilsudski Institute in this auction "Artists for History" create a new event in our social life. One hundred and eighteen (118) works of fifty-six artists will be exhibited, including those by Julian Stańczak, Hanna Bakuła, Andrzej Pityński, Janusz Kawa, Adam Niklewicz, John Hausbrandt and Jan Lebenstein. Some of the artists have already confirmed their presence at the auction, making it possible for prospective buyers to personally obtain information about their work. All the exhibits have been offered by the artists specifically for this event.

On Wednesday, October 29 the Institute signed a lease with the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, for the building located at 138 Greenpoint Avenue. The premises are in the heart of Greenpoint, close to the intersection with Manhattan Avenue.

The agreement is effective as of 1 January 2015. The first few months of 2015 will be taken up with the necessary modifications, installation of air conditioning for the archives, mobile shelving, and other archival equipment, in order to be ready and fully serviceable for all users, employees, researchers, and guests.

We are grateful to the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union for leasing us this building on favorable terms.

We ask all our members and friends for financial support to cover the costs of moving and of the necessary furnishings.

The first crowdfunding dinner of the Pilsudski Institute, part of our Campaing for the Future, was highly successful. The evening hosted by the Institute’s friends and its representatives in the Amber Steak House in Greenpoint, was the official launching of the promotional movie presenting our ambassadors, actors Dagmara Dominczyk and Patrick Wilson. In it they urge everybody to show support for the Institute.

The film has become a part of the new Institute Crowdfunding Drive under the leadership of our ambassadors, using a popular crowdfunding platform CrowdRise. We appeal to all friends and allies of the Institute to support this initiative. The concept of Crowdfunding involves broadening the base of support, by using social networking, emails etc. not only  to contribute to this worthy cause, but also to let all your contacts know about it.