Mission and activity

The Pilsudski Institute of America is a non-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York. The Institute is devoted to collecting, safe-keeping and preserving documents and other historical memorabilia related to the history of Poland, of Poles and of Americans of Polish descent; to make the collections accessible to researchers and visitors to the Institute, and worldwide; to research the current history of Poland and Polonia; to educate, with emphasis on the history of Poland and Polish Americans.

The Institute fulfills its mission through the following:

The goal of the archives is to preserve historical legacy and maintain access to it. The archive section deals with the: cataloging of collections of documents, photographs, audio and video tapes, movies, newspapers and other; acquisition of new collections; digitalization of and Internet access to historical documents; support for research by scholars, both on site and by performing archival queries
This section which includes the research library, catalogs its collections and new books, performs exchanges with other libraries, and organizes sales of new books and of library duplicates.
In addition to the support given to visiting scholars, the Institute organizes seminars and symposia on selected topics.
The Institute’s museum has a rich collection of paintings of Polish artists and many historical artifacts and memorabilia. Part of the collection is permanently displayed in the museum hall.
The Institute organizes lectures, presentations, meetings with authors and exhibits; the movie theater "Ziuk" regularly presents films of historical nature; the Institute offers history lessons in nearby schools and publishes an electronic newsletter.
Community service
The Institute is active in the local American and Polish American community; takes part in events, provides space for organizations for meetings and lectures; is member of the Metropolitan Library Council, an association of libraries and museums in the New York Metropolitan area, and also of the Standing Conference of Polish Museums, Archives and Libraries in the West.
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