Since December 2011, the "Internet Volunteer" program has been operating at the Institute, which allows you to remotely participate in the task of describing historical documents. Currently, we are developing the Archives of Silesian Uprisings, which includes documentation of three Silesian Uprisings, including: orders, reports and messages of the Upper Silesian Militia Main Command, protocols and correspondence of the Supreme Command of the Polish Military Organization in Upper Silesia, files of the Supreme Command of the Insurgent Forces and others. The complete list of the Silesian Uprisings Archives as well as the digitized documents available so far can be found on the Institute's website.
We encourage you to become an "Internet Volunteer". Willing people will be able to support work on the further digitization of the Silesian Uprisings, and in the privacy of their home. The time of day or place does not matter.

The system is based on the open Google document system, and does not require any software to be installed on your computer. You can work from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer with internet access and a gmail account.

A volunteer receives one unit to work - these are usually either files with documents or record books. Using a web browser, he can view subsequent pages (scans) of a given unit. The task is to enter the insurgents' data, such as first name, surname, rank, etc., into the spreadsheet - a table that is also opened online. It is possible to correct errors, and you can always send an inquiry by email if there are any doubts. There is also a prepared manual for the system.

We invite you to volunteer. Please send applications and inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Institute conducts extensive archival, scientific and educational activities. We collect and process archives, continuing the work started in 1923 by the associates of Marshal Piłsudski. As with any archive, a lot remains to be done. The Institute lives almost exclusively from donations and bequests of the Polish community abroad, and relies heavily on the work of volunteers.
If you are interested in history seen through original period documents, if you have some spare time, if you want to gain skills in modern digital techniques, if you are looking for a place to complete an internship, please contact us. There is sure to be a place for you among the volunteers

Knowing the Polish language is useful, but we have tasks that do not require speaking Polish. Being familiar with computers is also useful, but not necessary as conservation and archiving work do not require computer contact. Most of the work is done on site, but we also have tasks that can be done from home. Studies (or studies in progress) in history, library science, archives, computer science are welcome, but many tasks do not require such qualifications. We conduct training and you can always learn something new.

We need a person:

  • Speaking Polish, bilingual and generally knowledge of languages other ​​than Polish and English to help with translations and descriptions of documents in various languages.
  • For work on the development, conservation, stacking and pagination of archival collections.
  • To work with scanning original documents.
  • For work on describing and categorizing documents.
  • For working with photos, audiovisual materials, videotapes and audiotapes.
  • For performing archive queries.
  • To catalog the library collection of the Institute.
  • To help in organizing and servicing events, historical cinema screenings of the Institute and other activities.

In our business we use modern digital and Internet tools such as Cloud Computing, Web 2, Koha, DSpace; we use metadata standards such as MARC, Dublin Core, EAD. Volunteers and interns gain experience in digitization, librarianship, and digital asset management.

Write to us, call us or visit the Institute!