Digitization Fund

The Institute preserves and holds the most important documents of the Polish State, dated from the interwar period, rescued from the burning city of Warsaw- the Belvedere Archives. Our archives posses pearls of the Polish history, including original documents depicting the dramatic battles of the Polish army, from the time when historical borders of the Second Polish Republic were being established, including the most valuable piece from our collections- the original order of the Battle of Warsaw, unique materials from the Silesian Uprisings 1919-1921, May Coup of 1926, and the documents describing many years activities of Polonia and immigration in the USA.

Armia polska w okolicach Modlina, datowane 1920-08-04In total, we store over 2 million pages of documents, as well as numerous photographs and army maps. In order to save the documents from destruction, they are scanned, indexed to collect rich metadata and published online. Recently, we have completed digitalization of the Archives of the Commander in Chief. The collection contains numerous documents from Józef Piłsudski’s office. The digitalization project lasted 4 years and we have scanned, provided metadata description and published online a collection of 40 thousand pages, dated from November 1918 to December 1922. The collection contains 17,000 documents and 40,000 pages.

Currently, the Institute works on the digitization of the collection of the Head of the General Staff of the Polish Army- General Tadeusz Rozwadowski.

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