Henryk Floyar-Rajchman

Born in 1893, Floyar-Rajchman was educated in Warsaw and in Krakow. From 1913 he belonged to the Rifleman's Association. After the outbreak of the World War, he served in the Fifth Infantry Regiment of the Legion. In 1917, when the Legion refused to swear allegiance to the Central Powers, he joined the secret Polish Military Organization. He served as a captain in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920 and as a staff officer in the First Legion Infantry Division.

Of the eleven past Executive Directors, Waclaw Jedrzejewicz served twice, and was in addition one of the Founders of the Institute and its President; a unique record of a man who for nearly fifty years was the spiritus movens of the Institute. Jan Fryling and Stanislaw Jordanowski served the Institute as Presidents and Executive Directors. Their biographies can be found in the Founders and Presidents sections. Three former Executive Directors, Czeslaw Karkowski, Jerzy Prus and Janusz Cisek are alive and their biographies are still a work in progress.

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