The Corporate Catalyst Award

The Corporate Catalyst Award is an amalgamation of awards that The Institute has issued over our proud 70 year history of forging strong relations between the USA and Poland. The Institute believes that these unique modern times require us to emphasize the powerful impact that US based multi-national companies and US foreign direct investment has had on the Polish economy by selecting Poland for continued investment. Hence, The Institute is committed to honor leading companies for their continued and pioneering investment in Poland. 

The Corporate Catalyst Award provides a platform to highlight decades of innovation and cooperation between our proud countries and to showcase the modern commercial, educational and cultural relationships which exist today, spanning several generations. 

The Institute would like the Award to serve as a progressive platform from which to advocate for continuing and impactful cooperation between our important stakeholders:

  1. The Polish Diaspora
  2. US corporate sector and US based foreign direct investment
  3. US and Polish governments
  4. US and Polish philanthropy
  5. US and Polish cultural institutions and academic partners

The following honorees have been featured at our ceremonies in recent years: 

  • Citi Group
  • International Paper
  • Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union
  • Polish National Alliance
  • Coca-Cola HBC Polska i Coca-Cola Poland Services.

The Award is a highly respected accolade in the Polish-American Diaspora, with a special focus in New York City. It garners the attention of executives from across sectors of industry and celebrities from the Polish community, all of whom are committed to maintaining strong cultural and scientific bonds between the U.S. and Poland. 

Corporate Catalyst Award 2019 - General Electric Company Polska

CCA500The Chairman GE Company Polska Marian Lubieniecki, Vice-chairman GE Aviation Services Engineering, Mohamed Ali and the IJP representatives

On January 23, 2020, during a gala in Arkady Kubickiego at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, we presented General Electric Company Polska with the prestigious Piłsudski Institute Corporate Catalyst Award. GECP is a unique company that has been creating the Engineering Design Center together with the Institute of Aviation for 20 years.
When deciding to award General Electric Company Polska, we could not help but notice the company’s invaluable commitment to the future of Polish and American science and technology. We appreciated their cooperation with 12 universities in Poland, the creation of many programs and scholarships for students, as well as their Presidential Internship under the patronage of President Andrzej Duda, which is co-organized with the President's Office and the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union.
The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, and the J. Piłsudski Institute.

Corporate Catalyst Award 2016 - Coca-Cola HBC and Coca-Cola Poland Servies

thumb CoocaCola1Nikos Kalaitzidakis - CEO of Coca-Cola HBC Poland, Anna Jakubowski - CEO of Coca-Cola Poland, Iwona Korga and Magda Kapuścińska.

The Institute presented the Piłsudski Institute Corporate Catalyst Award 2016 during a closed celebration, which took place in Warsaw on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. The award was presented as part of a special event - the Great Polish Dream, organized by the Institute in the presence of over 100 people from the international sector business, philanthropy, and government.
During the ceremony, Deputy Minister Jan Dziedziczak presented Dr. Magda Kapuscińska, long-term president of the Piłsudski Institute, with the "Bene Merito'' Honorary Badge awarded by Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski. The badge is an honorary distinction given to citizens of Poland and foreign countries for promoting Poland in the international arena.
The guests at the ceremony were: Paul Jones, the US Ambassador to Poland; Nikos Kalaitzidakis, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and CEO of Coca-Cola HBC; Anna Jakubowski, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Poland Services; Adam Bielan, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland; Maria Koc, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland; and Barbara Dolniak, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. During the Gala, there was a discussion panel attended by Tony Haush, Chairman of American Chamber of Commerce in Poland; Ryszard Szuster, Deputy Minister of Sport; Adam Hamryszczak, Deputy Minister of Development; Krzysztof Chaciński, Mayor of Radzymin; Dr. Krzysztof Mazur, President of the Jagiellonian Club; as well as Anna Jakubowski and Nikos Kalaitzidakis from Coca-Cola. The participants had a fascinating discussion on foreign economic investments in Poland and the social responsibility of investors.
The Piłsudski Institute would like to thank the panelists and all the distinguished guests who took part in the ceremony.
Below we present a video from this ceremony.



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