Henryk Floyar-Rajchman

Born in 1893, Floyar-Rajchman was educated in Warsaw and in Krakow. From 1913 he belonged to the Riflemen’s Association. After the outbreak of the World War, he served in the Fifth Infantry Regiment of the Legion. In 1917, when the Legion refused to swear allegiance to the Central Powers, he joined the secret Polish Military Organization. He served as captain in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920 as a staff officer in the First Legion Infantry Division.

After the war, Floyar-Rajchman attended the Staff Military College before being posted as Military Attaché in Tokyo (1928-1931). He was promoted to Lieutenant-colonel before leaving the service to take his first civilian assignment as vice minister and then minister of trade and industry (1933-1935). Was a member of Polish Parliament.
In September 1939 took part in the transport of Polish gold to safety. In France he was transferred to the reserve and left for New York. in 1941.In 1943 was a co-founder of the Institute, becoming a member of its Board of Directors, and a Vice President in 1947-1951. Died in 1951.

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