Private live of Marshal Pilsudski

Marshal J. Piłsudski was an independence fighter, a statesman, the "father" of reborn Poland in 1918. The charismatic leader, an experienced, sometimes even ruthless politician, in private life was a warm and affectionate person, appreciating family life. When he retired from political life in 1923, the manor house in Sulejówek at the outskirts of Warsaw, became his favourite place. The Marshal loved this house, called "Milusin". In Sulejowek, he enjoyed the family life, the company of his wife Aleksandra and daughters: Wanda and Jadwiga. He liked taking strolls in the garden and watching his favorite pasque-flowers grow.

Z corkami sepiaJ. Pilsudski with his daughters: Wanda i Jadwiga.

In "Milusin", the Marshal was working on his book "The reminiscence of Gabriel Narutowicz" and "The Year 1920". Although Piłsudski officially withdrew from political life, the most important state decisions were still made in Sulejówek. In 1926, after the May Coup, the Piłsudski family had moved to Warsaw and settled in Belweder Palace. However, "Milusin" remained their family residence.

thumb Sulejowek1Sulejowek Residence

The house itself, designed by the famous architect Kazimierz Skórewicz, alluded to the architecture of Polish old manors. The construction was financed through fundraising efforts of the Polish Soldier Committee to support the Pilsudski Family. The modest shape of the house represented the national style of that era, and had a symbolic dimension for the state that was reborn after many years of partitions. Today, the manor house is part of the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek.

Apart from Sulejówek, the Marshal was very fond of holiday trips to Druskienniki, one of the most famous resorts of the Second Polish Republic. It was well known that Marshal was very sentimental about Kresy. During his illness, although doctors advised him to travel abroad, he insisted on traveling to Druskienniki, he used to say: "For my health, I need local forests, a chat with local people and the taste of local food." In Druskienniki, his favorite place was "Poganka Villa", overlooking his beloved Niemen.

The collection of photographs of the Józef Piłsudski Institute in America, including the photographs of the Marshal from Sulejówek and from trips to Druskienniki is available on our website. Photo Collection 701.


thumb img056J. Pilsudski in the garden

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