Unique Photos of Marshal Pilsudski

The Pilsudski Institute of America is named after none other than Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, whose leadership and efforts largely contributed to Poland’s independence. 
thumb Marszalek w Belwederze800Marshal Pilsudski at Belvedere palace 1930r.

Our archives contain many photos, letters and documents that illustrate Pilsudski’s character, personality and life. As for any historical figure, the interpretation of such records allows us to better assert an individual’s role in history. The following photographic collection depicts Pilsudski with soldiers, family and significant historical figures living during his time period. There are likewise many portraits and individual pictures that convey his character and physical appearance.

Born in 1867 Zułów, then under the Russian Empire, Jozef Pilsudski was born into a patriotic family where Polish literature, history and culture were daily present. In 1887 he was exiled to Siberia as a result of affiliation with a Russian revolutionary movement. Following his return, he became actively involved in the Polish Socialist Party. At the start of World War I, Pilsudski formed the First Cadre Company, arguably becoming Poland’s most important military leader. After World War I, Pilsudski served first as Chief of State, then Marshal and twice as a prime minister of Poland. Informally, de facto, he was a leader of the Second Polish Republic.

The collection of Marshal Pilsudski's photos