Dagmara Domińczyk and Patrick Wilson in action for the Institute

The first crowdfunding dinner of the Pilsudski Institute, part of our Campaing for the Future, was highly successful. The evening hosted by the Institute’s friends and its representatives in the Amber Steak House in Greenpoint, was the official launching of the promotional movie presenting our ambassadors, actors Dagmara Dominczyk and Patrick Wilson. In it they urge everybody to show support for the Institute.

The film has become a part of the new Institute Crowdfunding Drive under the leadership of our ambassadors, using a popular crowdfunding platform CrowdRise. We appeal to all friends and allies of the Institute to support this initiative. The concept of Crowdfunding involves broadening the base of support, by using social networking, emails etc. not only  to contribute to this worthy cause, but also to let all your contacts know about it.

The main objective of the campaign is to fund a new home for the Pilsudski Institute and in the longer term, to ensure its stability and growth.

Choice of the place for the inauguration of the campaign was not accidental. Greenpoint will become the location of the Institute’s new headquarters as of April 2015. Moving its archives, library, museum and art collections is an expensive venture, and we ask for your support. The Institute’s new headquarters will be located in the building owned by the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, to whom we are most grateful. We are also grateful to the architects Wojciech Oktawiec and Beata Tatka, who offered their pro bono services for the remodelling of the place to adapt it to the Institute’s needs. We are already experiencing growing generosity from our members and friends, but further support is still needed at this defining moment in the Institute’s history, for the move to our new home.

We thank all those who offered their assistance to the Institute. We are grateful for the donations made during our meeting at Amber Steak House, and we  invite you to participate in this online Crowdfunding Drive.

Owing to your help each day we are closer to achieving our common goal to protect the Institute’s unique collections, which represent a national treasure and are an important part of the Polish heritage in the United States.