Archival Fonds No. 130

Medals, Orders, Decorations, Insignia and Commemorative Badges
Abstract: This collection is shown in five glass cases on permanent exhibition and in additional cases on specific occasions. It contains mainly Polish medals from the inter-war period, including the Great Cross on the Ribbon with the Order Star, and the Polonia Restituta Order , medals awarded in the West, as well as regimental insignia. Among noteworthy foreign decorations are those presented to General Wieniawa-Długoszewski: the Italian Great Cross with the Star of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, the French Legion of Honour, and the Romanian Order of the Star. Regimental decorations include: Officer’s insignia of the Rifle Association, (know as “Parasol”), medal of the First Brigade of the Polish Legions, Legion Cross with a miniature, and insignia of the Polish Military Organization. The collection also includes a number of badges from the 1980’s issued by NSZZ Solidarity and other organizations from that period; other commemorative badges and insignia from a variety of events.
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